First we explain how Yojana’s own transparency is guarded and then we inform you about the way we control the activities of our Indian partner NGO’s.

• The books of Yojana are audited and certified by the accountants of Ernst & Young.

• Yojana submits its yearly report to the judgment of the jury of The Transparency Price. TTP is an initiative of the Dutch branch of PriceWaterhouseCoopers. Yojana ranks seventh in the category small charities.

The Transparency Price pays attention to:
1 Objectives; policy and strategy
2 Governance, organization and control
3 Fund-raising
4 Non-financial results
5 Financial results
6 Information on expected developments in future
7 Communication with stakeholders
8 Value of the report as a means of communication
9 Whether the report has been published timely and accessible

Our annual report, including the financial reports and the TTP jury report, are published on our website in dutch. The financial report 2009 is translated into English; you'll find is here. The financial statement by the accountants of Ernst & Young also has been translated into English; you’ll find it here.

The partners in India
• We expect quarterly reports on the ongoing activities.
• Projects and approaches are developed together.
• With most partners we maintain daily interaction by e-mail and with others at least weekly.
• We visit the partners in India yearly (at our own personal expenses).
• The books of the partners are checked by chartered accountants.
• With all partners we maintain a very long relationship that we use to start on a very limited scale and expand after the partner has proven to be trustworthy. In 1999 we discontinued the cooperation with one partner who appeared to 95% transparent only.