Who is backing Yojana?

Several reputable Dutch organizations such as NCDO, Wilde Ganzen, Plan Nederland and NEMO support Yojana. In addition many schools, private persons, equity funds, companies and institutions donate on a regular basis. Space is being offered on the webpage supporters where activities can be announced and explained.

Our advisors
Yojana appreciates the support of the following advisors:

Prof. Jaap Schouten PhD*

Education expert

Erny Smeets* MsC

Education expert

Diana Isssidorides (NEMO) PhD

Developmental psychologist

Martine F. Delfos PhD

Bio- psychologist

Henk Oosterling PhD

Philosopher/Judo at mixed schools

Martin Kessels

Education expert  Master.Ed.

Henk van Stokkom Ing

Caritas professional

Sabine Gobardhan MsC

Child psychologist

Doris & Paul Cleghorn

Developers enquiry based teaching

Elly Singer PhD

Psychologist and expert on very young children

Pascal Proper*

Judo teacher

Karsten Baan*

Teacher drama and expression

Laura van Aelst

Teacher/ anganwadi teacher trainer

Henny van den As

Teacher/ anganwadi teacher trainer

Eugeen van Wees MsC

Developer interactive exhibits

Karin Schuts

Remedial teacher en MA Special Educational Needs

Paul Delnooz PhD

Education expert

Jeanette Slootbeek

International Consultant Sexual Health

We will welcome Indian advisors like psychologists and philosophers. But please realize that our advisors, like we all, work without any financial remuneration.