A warm welcome to you!

You are most welcome at this website that was specially developed by the team of Yojana Project Help for our English speakers.

We did so at the advice of our well-wisher Mr. Arvind Gokhale who knows the Dutch as well as the Indian society pretty well. He told us that many Indians really want to support activities that aim at bringing a future to those who don’t seem to have prospects at all. He also told us that many Indians are reluctant to give because some bad elements in the charity sector in India are spoiling the credibility. Nevertheless, we have much better experiences in India and we gladly share them. Our experiences are based on long-term relationships that were started years ago, at that time on a small scale but nowadays supporting the communities of a considerable number of villages.

The willingness of Indian people to give is obvious. Their only fear concerns the lack of transparency that negatively influences this willingness, which is also expressed by Mr. Narayana Murthy in his book: “A better India, a better world.”

We are convinced transparency is the key to the hearth, the brains and the wallet of the donor. For Yojana full transparency is as normal as breathing. The solution we offer you is intended to be a provisional one. We offer you to act as a professional intermediary if you are prepared to support the Indian partners with whom we have been cooperating during many years and who definitely deserve our confidence. We even offer this intermediation free of charge.

During the long time of cooperation – how long is described in the section where we elaborate our partners – our partners have proven to be trustworthy and integer. To us they are transparent anyway, however, they sometimes fail to express the same transparency actively and publicly. That’s why we stimulate and support our Indian partners to reach the same level of transparency and urge them to be as actively open as we are used to in the Netherlands. We have formalized this objective in a contract that has been mutually signed. Of course we are willing to share these contracts with you on demand.

We not only welcome you at this website, we also gladly invite you to visit the websites of our Indian project partners.

Our aim is to withdraw from the relation between you and our Indian partners as soon as possible, but not without your consent. And even then we will always be available for advice and support.